New Year’s Day Walk 2015

New Year’s Day Walk 1 January 2015

The village of Weston Longville welcomed the New Year in now-customary fashion, with a walk that hopefully maintained the established standard and popularity.Between 70-80 walkers climbed into two tractor trailers to be taken to the start of the walk. Parts of previous years’ walks have been by arrangement with landowners or farmers.  This time it was entirely along public footpaths, purposely so that there’s no problem about people repeating it for themselves, and perhaps adding it to their favourite or regular walks.
As ‘curator’ of the New Years Walk this year I had the honour (?) of wearing THE trousers. Actually my role only involved researching and arranging a route, and I was very aware of how many different contributions were made by others, helping to make for an occasion which runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all.  I would just like to record a few thank-you’s, some of which were not said at the time.
Firstly to John Hurst for helping with advice on the route, and to AnthonyThomas  and Michael Horner for the tractor driving. Thanks to Philip Ashford and to Marion Thomas for the backup transport, I know several people appreciated this service.
To Helen at the Mermaid Pub for allowing us to use the facilities. If anyone is looking for a change of scene and hasn’t visited the Elsing pub then give it a go, it is a very warm and friendly place.
As ever, thanks to Julia Hurst for the sloe gin, a very welcome pick-me-up at the halfway point, we all appreciate the work that goes into its making.
And finally to all who helped at the hall, who made soup and cakes, and who served and washed-up. It was lovely to see the hall so full, and so full of such a mixed age group. Our oldest walker was 80 plus and our youngest 5.
Stephen Ashford
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